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Friday, October 30, 2009

Where did this week go?

I cant believe this is friday already, Its been a busy week for me.

I was added to the store on Monday, loaded a few files I have converted, Tuesday worked on more files, Wednesday posted a freebie and loaded a few files to store, Thursday posted another freebie, loaded files to store, and went to a closing stamp store auction. And here we are on Friday. What am I doing today, I set up my picture album on VDBC forum, and working on files. And also set up a slide show on the right of my files in store so far, so I have been busy.

I was looking at my files to see what fall files I have, and, what, I only have 2, how did that happen. So I'm working on one and thinking of ideas for others but have no ideas. So help me out, What kind of file would you like to see for fall. If I use your idea, you get the file for free before it hits the store.

If you missed my freebies this week, I have them on sale in the store, this is a set of 3, the 2 from this week and one from several weeks ago as a collection, you get all 3 files at a discounted price "HERE" or if you missed one, you can get it "Here"

With Halloween tomorrow, don't for get to take pictures. I have a special on my set of 4 Halloween overlays that will make a great addition to your scrapbook. Its like buying 3 and getting one free. So check it out.

Im off to work on some fall files, or try to think of some thing any way.

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