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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not So Crafty This Week!

Well, I was hoping today was the day to get out of bed, but it's not looking to good so far. I have been in bed since Saturday with the flu I think, but not 100% sure as, this happens every time I leave the house more then once in a week, and yep, I had lunch with scrapping friends 2 times last week, and went to the grocery store and Joanns. And now I'm paying for it, So it must be a CFIDS flair up. As no one else is sick I know.

So, I was hoping to post a free file for y'all this week, but I don't like to post with out test cutting first. I did have Nancy test cut it for me(Thank you so much Nancy, that was sweet of you), as I had some small parts and wanted to make sure they cut easy, But they didn't, so I changed the file but have not test cut it yet to make sure its easy to cut. So hopefully in a few days, I will get to it.

But while I'm laid up in bed, it gave me time to play with my KNK software and I made 4 Halloween overlays this week, Just need to test cut.

Im also still working on that big announcement. Its a big decision for me. So taking my time with it. I will keep you posted.

Back in a few days hopefully,

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