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Saturday, October 17, 2009

New blog header

Okay, its not the greatest, but "IT"S MINE" LOL!

I downloaded the free version of paint.net. Its a scaled down version like Photo shop but free. You can do layers and stuff, Its pretty cool. I have never used this or photo shop and have never done digital scrapbooking even though I have been collecting free digi kits for over a year, Don't ask why. I guess just because I can, and some day will learn it, may be now, since I have this cool program.

So made my new header for my blog. I used my picture of the card I made and had at the top of my blog, I still have the card as my avatar and its also in the slide show on the left.

But I learned how to take the flowers off the pic and move them around and layer them. I just used a shading effect to get the back ground close to the color of the painted pearls flowers on my card.

I think it looks okay for now, but may end up changing it later. Im in the middle of some thing huge, and have no time to mess with it, but I did change the color of the titles and stuff so it matches a little better.

Getting ready for DH second Cochlear implant, pre op is Monday and surgery is Tuesday and he will be home for 3 weeks. Lord knows I love that man, but yall know how men are babies when they aren't feeling well, and he will be in pain and on meds for the first week or so. So you know how the next 3 weeks will be.

Have a great weekend, Announcement coming up soon!



Jenn said...

Great job!

Sharon said...

Thanks Jenn, Im getting used to it being so bright, but when I get a chance, Im going to see if I can do some shading.


Kelly Landers said...

I like your new header!! You did a great job!