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Sunday, October 4, 2009

How do you ship

a 12 x 12 layout? I see them on ebay a lot and the shipping is pretty cheap like 4.00 but how do you ship those. Do they make some thing for 12 x 12.

Okay don't fall out of your chairs, but I'm asking because I'm thinking of Ideas for 12 x 12 layouts and want to know how to ship them.

Any one ever buy one off ebay or etsy, how did it arrive.



Kelly Landers said...

I'm clueless here! I have shipped in the flat rate box that accomodates 12x12 sized items, but it is way to big and expensive for a layout or two! Sorry... no help here!

Jenn said...

The regular-size priority boxes taped up flat work great. Also, they sell large envies - like 12x18 that work good, as long as you add some cardboard to protect.

Sharon said...

I thought about that, I think I got one like that a few years ago. Do you know what they charge to mail it like that. Also where would you find those envelopes that size.