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Thursday, October 8, 2009

How do you ship UPDATE

I did some checking online and a couple trips to the post office, and here's what I found out. This is what you need to ship a 12 x 12 layout for $4.95 or $4.80 online.

The post master said, to use 0-1092 Priority mail box (Not flat rate box) and leave it flat, and it will ship for $4.95 at post office or $4.80 online.

I think this one will also work and not be so big 0-1097 Priority mail box (Not flat rate box)

I also found about this letter template on this blog "Clearly I Stamp"

It helps you see if your cards are subject to surcharge. And it has a slot. You put your card through it, if it fits, its fine, if not, you pay a sure charge. This template is free at your local post office, but you helps if you print the picture, take it in and ask, if they dont have one, they will search for it and call you when they get one in, I went yesterday, they didn't have it, they found one and had it delivered to them, and called me this morning.

Got to love all the free stuff you get from the post office to help ship your items.

Hope y'all find this information helpful. I'm back to resting, this has been a rough week for me, my Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and asthma are acting up this week, so I'm extremely tired.

I need to test cut my 2nd over lay and finish working on the 3rd and 4th.

Happy crafting!

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