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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free File Today!

Happy Hump Day every one! Man, week is half way done, I never know what day it is, thank goodness I have a google calendar on my desktop side bar, or I would really be lost. LOL!

So I have been working hard on converting more files, Its a long, slow, hard process using several free soft wares, But I'm looking a for a Windows version of Adobe Illustrator CS2 to buy if any one is looking to up grade to CS3 or CS4 and wants to sell your CS2 version, Let me know. I can't find one any where for Windows.

Okay so on to free file. This is part of one of the overlays I have just posted in store. I started out with the spider web a few weeks ago, and my plan was to offer a part of each overlay every week, Well, I ended up getting really sick and was in bed for 5 days, and didn't want to post file with out test cutting so I asked for some one to test it for me as I knew there was one part that might be a problem, (really small letters) and yep, It was a problem. So I didn't get it fixed or retested till last week, but then DH had surgery and he has been a handful on top of Signing up to be on the "More Team" at VDBC, So I have been really really busy, and just got the file converted last night.

So here is your file for today. Please let me know if you have any problems with the conversion. I'm learning to convert and don't know if I have every thing right. Your feedback will help me create better cutting files for you.

This file has a title "Trick or Treat" and a cute little Trick or treater in a ghost costume. File includes, " KNK, AI, GSD, WPCv14 and SVG set" and is available till midnight tonight.

I will try to get some pumpkins in the next free file to go with your Halloween pictures. Make sure you stop by "My Store" and check out my Halloween Overlays, I have 4 in store

File no longer available. Can now be found at VDBC Forum

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

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