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Friday, September 25, 2009

What's Keeping Me Busy! Update1

My DH put all my cubes together for me and helped me move all my stuff around and I put every thing where I wanted it, although I worked 10 minutes and rested 1 hour, it took me all day yesterday and today to get that part done. I'm just really struggling these days between the bad Asthma and my heart not pumping fully, I get so winded so fast.

But any way, my scrap area look bigger, seems like I have more room, EVERY THING has a place now. Nothing but my Blue CraftRobo and my KNK Groove is on my table. Nothing stacked up under the table either. It looks a lot neater. So that part is done.

But if you know me and my OCD issues, I have to be extra organized, so I have to label all the new bins my DD bought for me yesterday. And also sew a curtain for the front of the storage bins to hid every thing. I will take a pic now before and then again after Curtains.

Tell me, How is it that when you start organizing one thing, it turns in to the whole house, Yesterday, My DH decided to rearrange my kitchen, Don't know what that was about, but it works, he moved all the pans from the bottom cabinet to a higher up cabinet so I dont have to bend. Wasn't that thoughtful. He moved my 2 door brown shelf from my scrap area to the kitchen, and now using it as a pantry to hid all the paper towels and stuff that was on top of the fridge and the stand up freezer, He knows how things out of place bother me. You see, 3 years ago we sold our house, and moved from a 3k square foot house to a 1600 sq foot mobile homes, so we have stuff every where. LOL! We gave a lot to my son when he moved.
And working on downsizing again and giving stuff to my DD when she moves after the wedding.

Off to rest and work on labels and curtains, Will update with pics soon.


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