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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Favor Tags

I was trying to make a Wedding Favor tag and debating on buying "JustRite stamps" but thought I would give it a try in MS Word, using word art, I even looked up some tutorials on step by step. And let me tell you, its not easy.

So I posted on my local scrapbooking group. Asking for help with MS Word. You all know Ileana from Paper threads Well, she is on our local group and said I should be able to get this done in KNK software.

So I got the trusty manual that Sandy wrote, (Which sits right next to my laptop every day) And started going page by page, and sure enough. I found what I needed. On page 42 in the Groove Maxx Manual 5.6 Fitting Text to Curves using the Fit Text to Arc function. It worked perfect.

I used the free scalloped circle file I posted last week for this, And just altered the size to fit my needs (Got to love that about KNK) You can't do that with one punch, you have to have several.

I did a print from KNK and it looks perfect, I have to say, that was pretty cool! Never done that before.

So I just did a screen shot with "KKC" (King Kong Capture)of the file in KNK with color on, so the names don't look real clear but they print just perfect.

This was my first try at this kind of thing, and have to say "It was really fun" I see many more tags in my future. LOL!

So what do you think of the Favor Boxes Tags designed in KNK.

I plan to cut out the sage scalloped circle, the cream circle and the white circle, and the to Sandy's Reverse print and cut trick. Wish me luck on that, Never done it before. But I trust Sandy's Advice.

The bell is from a font called DBFormal Affair from
"Lettering Delights". I just imported it in KNK and mirrored the image and welded to get 2 bells.

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