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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scrapbook Storage is Done!

Okay, believe it or not, my scrap area in the dinning room is a lot better. Really it is.

Nothing stacked on the table, Only my cutters and pin holder nothing under the table, Every thing has a place, even a place for my Cuttle bug and all the dies and embossing folders I keep in the Paper sticker binder, check my scrapbook organization on the left to see that.

I even have a place for all my KNK and Robo mats, before they were on the table, and the cat kept laying on them, so then had to wash and respray them. Now they are on the top of the tall set of wire cubes on the right side of the picture.

I left the 3 cubes high in one section as its the perfect height for the scrap rack. The shelf we took out was wider then the cubes, so we had enough extra room to move them over, and put and extra row of cubes in for more storage.

I had to move my drawers as it was to wide, so moved my stamping station(the white shelves) on top of the 3 cart roller its the same width and now have the only magazines I kept (Paper Crafts Mag) because they are mostly cards. I am getting rid of all my scrapbook magazines, as I don't scrapbook. My Scrap paper organizer(File box) is on second shelf. Yes, I keep scraps , and use them all the time. I use these in my KNK or for punches before I grab a full piece of paper, I have them sorted by solid colors and then by pattern paper colors. And holiday papers. It really works good.

Moved the drawers next to the stamp shelf. it fits perfect there. I even have a place for my Scrap tool bag, that usual was on the floor some where. Its now on top. And I can now display the cards I make on top of the ink shelf. And I have a shelf for all the stuff I buy that needs to be organized, like cataloging every stamp I buy in a binder and finding a home for them. And all the new cuttle bug folders I just got, I need to label those and put them in a PSB binder, I think I'm ready for Binder #2. LOL!.

I do love my new scrap storage, it much neater and I can get more in there. This is a picture of the finished scrap area with all the cubes. Really it is much neater.

And this is a picture of my whole goal. Better storage organization and to hide it, as its in the dinning room and you see it the minute you walk in the door. Some day I will move it to the spare room. But it works good right here. I used 2 new sheets and cut up the middle to allow them to open or pull back, I use 2 curtain rods I had in the closet, I just bent the part that attaches to the hooks on the wall so they wrap around the wire cube, then used zip ties to hold in place, it works pretty good and the curtains slide across to open.

So what do you think, does it look better, I think it does.



Jenn said...

It turned out great! I love the brown baskets in the cubes, where did you get those?
I have two PSBs for sale, gotta check how much if you want them! :)

Sharon said...

Thank you Jenn, It actually feels good to look over there now. Not so stressful seeing every thing exposed.

As for the baskets, good luck finding those. I had picked up 2 at walmart to use in the bathroom closet, but when I got them home, they fit the cubes perfect, so I decided to get a few more, and went to 3 walmarts to find them and only found 6 more. These are the same as the white ones you have in your wall unit it think, These were 3.50 at Walmart.

I have BIA stuff in one, Vinyl in one, Punches in one, cutters and rulers in one and misc stuff in the other.

I dont need any PSB, I have 4 brand new in boxes that came loaded with pages, I got on HSN last year for $9 each.

Kelly Landers said...

Wow do you have a lot of stuff!! I like how you cleaned it all up with the curtains. My room is also my dining room so I know what you mean about trying to keep it looking nice!! Great job!!

Sharon said...

Thanks, I think im going to make a curtain for that one shelf in the middle and the stamp shelf on the other wall and might as make a cover for the drawers while I'm at it. LOL.

I didn't think I had that much stuff. Most of it is stuff like extra scrapbooks, I don't use, as I don't scrapbook so I could get rid of those that would empty 2-3 cubes. LOL!

Ruthie Lopez said...

OMG I love your scraproom!! Great ideas!! TFS