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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paper or Stamp First?

Im trying to get back in to the groove of crafting again. And have figured out a few things. Im working on a couple of things to help me a little more. But I just thought of a question while looking at some stamped cards.

So here it goes: When working on a card

Do you pick your stamp image first?

And if you do, Do you pick your paper and color your image to match the paper.


Do you color your image first and and find paper to go with it.

I tried picking paper first, then picking and coloring the image and it didnt look so good, so had to choose a couple different paper to go with the colors I already colored.

So just wondering if y'all have any suggestions for me. Picking pattern paper is so hard for me, I think because, I don't buy paper kits or buy a lot from a lines of paper. So I'm working on that with some help from a good friend.



Kelly Landers said...

Mine decision depends on whether I am working with a sketch or not. If I have a sketch to go by I pick my stamps/theme to best match the size and orientation of the sketch.

Then I focus on which paper I would like to use to match the stamp/theme. With my paper at my side I play with my stamped image and color it best I can to match my DP. What's nice about Copics and Prismacolors is that you can blend the colors to nearly get a perfect match everytime!

I rarely color an image without having a paper in mind to match it to!

Hope this helps! So glad that you are getting back into stamping and carmaking!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the help Kelly, Man, forgot about throwing a sketch in the mix, Im also trying those to help me out.

I will use your suggestions. I need to finish a few things before I can work on a few cards. In the next few days.