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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Light Tent

I mentioned before, I'm having lighting issues with taking pictures. We swapped out all our light bulbs to those energy efficient funny looking bulbs. Although they work good, they don't give good lighting when taking pictures.

So I did some looking and found directions to make a cheap Light tent. Its a box with a light on top. And it lights up the box inside so you can take good pictures with out any thing in the back ground.

Its pretty easy to make, but it took me 4 days, because I did a little part every day as I have had no energy the past week. So im taking it easy and just trying to get some energy back, this happens when you have CFIDS. Maybe next week will be better. And I will be able to make some cards and see how well the box works.

Here is the link to the directions on how to make the "Light Tent".

If you make one or have made one before and used it. Let me know how well it turns out.


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the PaperTemptress said...

I had cfids several years ago but I have gotten much better so good luck. I did it by cutting out all sugar and ate every vitamin I could get ahold of for about 1 year and it did get better, much better as a matter of fact. Also have you tried using OTT lites, they are good for tents since they give very accurate colors.