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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm looking for a SVG file tester

I have been working on converting all my files to other file types. And I use Inkscape to convert from KNK to GSD and have a SVG file in the process.

I know that the Cricut SCAL can use these, not sure what other programs can use that file type.

But I's looking for a File Tester that has experience working with SVG files. That can look at my file, test cut it, and give me suggestions on how to make it more usable.

One problem I cant remember to fix is how to get the insides of things to show with color on. This simple test file has this. So if you know how to fix it.

Please contact me at rsmobley 85 @ gmail. com (Note: NO SPACES in email)

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Kelly Landers said...

In Inkscape go to View> Display Mode> and choose Outline to have the lines only or Normal to show the color. HTH! :-)

Sharon said...

I know how to do that part, but what I need to know is, how to get the center parts to show white when color is on. Some parts of the file do and some don't. You know how in KNK you can select and combine or make path and the centers will show. This is what I need to know in Inkscape.