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Monday, September 7, 2009

Digi Stamp Organization?

I know I have been out of the crafting loop since we started working on our camper. But now that im trying to get back in to it with Wedding invitations, and designing KNK files.

I have heard a lot about this Digi stamp thing. I think this could be good for me, as im on a no scrap buying budget with DH job cut back. I found some cut blogs with free digi stamps and am going to be adding these links to the side of this every thing crafting blog.

I know with KNK files, we organize them by themes as each file has information either in the file name or in the file itself on who made it.

I just received my first digi stamp and its a Jpeg. And I want to know how we are to organize these, as they dont have information like who its by. SO do we store by designer. Or by theme, I would hate to use an image and not know where it came from.

So how do you organize your digi stamps?

Also, what program do you use with these, do you just print the pic, or use paint, or what? I need to do more reading on this new to me craft.


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