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Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak at part of the monogram frame. Does it look familiar? We are using the Fiskars lace boarder punch on the card, and my DD wanted 2 frames to match, but we don't have this pattern in a corner punch, Im not even sure they make one do they?

So what do you do, You punch a piece of black card stock, download it to your computer, Import in to KNK and trace it. Then use the Ginsu knife to cut it apart and use the parts as needed. So we now have a couple frames in the card to match the front boarder. Still need the letter and bottom mat, but waiting on that card stock to come in. So im about as done and I can get till that comes in.

Pic not so good, Bad light issues. but you get the idea. This frame for the mono gram is only 2 1/4 x 2 1/4, the lace part was a bit tricky to cut and pick out as its real small, but looks good to me.



Kelly Landers said...

Looks awesome! Show us more!! :-)

Sharon said...

Okay, I will post another sneak peak. So yall get the idea, and then you will see how it all goes together at the end. LOL!

I have another project I did last night to post first. But that will be later today. LOL!


Jeannette aka Jnett said...

Hmph, wonder what happened. I posted a comment yesterday and I don't see it. Anyway, I said I came to take a peek and you were doing such a great job. Your daughter is blessed.

Jeannette aka Jnett

Sharon said...

Thank you for the comment, not sure what happened, this blog thing is kind of wonky some times.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding invitation once you've completed it. Cute back to school card, liked that it had a place for the mom to put the school picture in.