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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paper Circle Ball File

I have seen several of these made in to Christmas ornaments, and as Flowers or Trees stuck in a cute Flower pot. So I decided to make a KNK file as there are lots of circles. And with the KNK file, you can re-size it to what ever size you need. This one makes a 5 1/2 wide ball.

Here is my first try, it turned out pretty good, Still working on the light issues. I added stickles to all the flower dots, it pretty in person, If I can get a better picture, I will change it out.

Hope you like it.

This is my first shared free file. So I hope it goes okay, let me know if you have any problems downloading it
This file is now available in my store RM00006 Paper Circle Ball Ornament

How To Do it yourself!

If you would like to try this on your own, its super simple. Here is how.
Open KNK, Select the shape tool icon on the left. Select the circle and make a circle shape. Click off

At the top. 2 middle boxes, Change the number to what ever size you want. This file is 3 inches. So enter 3.00 and 3.00. You should now have a 3 inch round circle.

Go back to the shape tool, select the Polygon shape. Make a Polygon. The top 2nd box, you should see a number 5 change that to 3 and click off. You should now have a Triangle. And move it over circle.

You will have to drag the corner square to size the triangle so that it just touches on all 3 sides.

Now, to cut. You click the triangle and change color, lets say Red. Then at the top, double click the red box, this will open a window. Check the Pounce box at the bottom and enter these setting recommended by Sandy McCauley. Dash 0.07 Space 0.15 and click change.

You should now see a Red dashed Triangle. If so, you can now cut it.

Line up the circles on your sign blank, you need 20 so use the array function, you may have to cut them several times to get 20. When I cut it, I cut the dashed lines first (I guess from my Robo days, LOL) But I know you can do both at same time in KNK Maxx.

Hope you give it a try, it really is pretty easy. I just gave you lots of information to help you understand.


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