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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day of Cutting On My KNK Groove!

Today, I started cutting parts of my Daughters Wedding Invitations that I have on hand. We ordered some Stampin Up card stock last Saturday and waiting for that to come in about 2 weeks. So far today I cut 7 parts each one times 20, good thing its a really small Wedding, It was originally 50 Invitations now only 20. I have 16 parts times 20 left to cut. Yes there are a total of 23 parts just to cut. This is not including, the printing, Picture, 2 colors of Ribbon and Velcro tab and the punched border. I will cut 2 more parts tomorrow, then will have to wait for SU card stock to come in.

Let me tell you, This would of been a ton of cutting by hand, and cant even tell you how much room for error there is in that cutting. But Im so happy to say, I didnt do it by hand! I made a KNK file for 22 parts of the 23 parts to cut. The main card has to be cut by hand, because it needs the full 12 x 12 cardstock. (Its a trifold card.

I had to do several "Test" cuts so I could make sure the blade adjustment, pressure and speed were just perfect. I am using a paper I have never cut. (Georgia Pacific 110 wt "Card" Card stock, Pressure on 250 and it cut perfect). If you have a KNK machine, I really suggest you use the test button, its better then wasting a whole piece of paper and have to redo it. I use Scraps of paper to do the test, its either a Triangle or a Rectangle cut on your machine. Then make a note of your setting per what brand, thickness weight and color of the paper. You need pressure setting. Speed depends on how detailed your image is.

I'm still learning the Trailing and Over cut thing on the KNK. I'm getting better at it. But I do miss my Craft Robo and KNK GE, you didn't have to adjust these things.

I did learn some thing new today with this machine. I always had this problem with cutting multiple things at one time, the cutter blade would travel and cut where ever on the paper. So I was reading the manual, and tried the "Select by vector" feature, and it worked wonderfully.

But, I have to say, I love my KNK Groove, It is super easy to use, the software is wonderful. And it has made this project super easy.

In fact, since I can only cut 2 more parts tomorrow. Im going to try some thing else I seen, make a file, cut it and see if my daughter likes it. She is very picky and not girly so its hard to get these things done. lol I also found this pattern for the 3 tiers wedding cake card box. And wanted to make it, but she don't want it. Who knows, Maybe I will make it any way, and maybe she will love it. LOL!


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