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Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Day of Cutting!

I'm a day behind, as Wed, I developed some kind of itching rash, my hands were so itchy, so I took some benadryl. And I guess it don't work well with my 2 asthma meds. Man was I sick, dizzy, weak and sleepy. So I'm better today. So got to work.

I cut 6 parts total of 120 pieces today, it was pretty challenging. I had bought this pack of paper from Big Lots for 2.00 about a year ago. Its all the same, but I knew I would use it for some thing great. So my daughter loved it, its Cream in color, but has a shiny satin look to it. Its called "Bisque Satin - Belle Bouquet" by Paper Adventures. There were 19 sheets in the package, I needed 20. I looked all over the net, found pink and lavender in this same paper but no cream.

So I had to do some maneuvering of the file images to use the little space left to make a piece of the card on each of the last few sheets. But I got it done. Enough for 20 with no scraps left, Whew!

Here is pic of the 12 x 12 to show you how important it is to know how to do the orientation of the blade on the KNK. You can cut right to the edge of the paper. Not the greatest pic, I need to change the light bulbs over my table. But you get the idea of the pattern in the paper, its really a pretty cream color.



Kelly Landers said...

Wow! No room for error there! Great job!

Sharon said...

Thank Kelly, I was worried, but it all came out great on first try. I so love my KNK Groove!.