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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stamping Station Organization

Next to the table is my Stamping Station. I have a mixed bunch of shelves in my space so just ignore that, it works for now. In this picture, you see a white shelf with blue bins on the left, I got those blue fold able bins on clearance at Target 2 in a pack for 2.00,so I bought the last 4 pks. LOL! In the top one I have all my precut cardstock for cards, Card envelopes and Card kits. In the Bottom I have all my Water coloring pencil's, water crayons, Prisma color pencils, water pens and stuff like that used to color images.

In the top, that is a tray from my old fridge.(It had a freon leak so we trashed it and I kept the bins, some in my scrap area, some in my work shop for storage, some in the closets.)Any ways, In that drawer I have all the little things like, paint brushes, sponges, Acrylic blocks, stamping pads, any thing small for stamping, Hey it works.

On top is a hanging file folder from Walmart, This is where I keep all my scraps of paper. I use from this first for every thing I make, some of my paper piecing KNK files are done totally with scraps. If you cant tell by now, either I'm really cheap or I like to Reuse every thing, I think its both, LOL!

The black shelf I bought at Biglots for $19.00. I have all my newly organized Unmounted and Mounted sets in this shelf. Looks like I will be needing a bigger shelf soon, What do you think, LOL!.

This is just a close up of the stamps in the new Super Jewel DVD Boxes from Sleeve City.(3rd one down on this page, order a lot, I ordered 50 and used 35. I do love them, and will be storing my Nestabilaties in them next.

This is just a close up of the unmounted clear stamps in the case, Sorry for the bad picture. The clear tranparency with the images on them or just a stamped image is now in a binder for quick referance.

Above the Stamping shelves is my Ink pad holder, A friend bought these off Craigslist pretty cheap, its a Cassette tape holder. I keep my ink pads, reinkers, crackle paint, and paint daubers in here. I only have a few ink pads right now, but I just won 20 Adirondack pads on ebay for about $8. Woo hoo! should be here any day. On the top, the cards on the left are 2 I made. The one in the middle is a Birthday card from a friend Wendy, she cut it on her wishblade and printed the back. The one on the right is a water color Birthday card from my MIL several years back, She is a water color artist and Teacher in San Angelo, TX. I love it so I framed it.


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