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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scarpbooking Wall Storage

On this wall, I have a shelf I got from a friend. I keep a ton of stuff in here, I put up a curtain rod and a sheet to close it up. I need to put one on the paper rack as well. But I may be moving to my sons room here soon, he is moving next week, but will wait a while. As last time, a week after I moved to his room, he got laid off and moved right back. But any way. on to the shelf.

On the top is the Ribbon jars, then the New Pink Bind it all 2. I bought from Paper threads, it was a great deal. I got it a little less then it is now. On the top is also some of the Journals I have made. Im a Journal making nut, but I don't use them, go figure!

Next shelf is all the wood mounted stamps that "Fit" in these 9 drawers, I just got them stamped and in the binder yesterday so have to make labels for the drawers.

2nd Shelf I have shoe boxes with decorative scissors, way paper crimpers and stuff. 2 ribbbon shoe boxes in Previous post, My Bind it all stuff, for now. the brown basket has all my pearl ex, Embossing tools and heat gun and craft mat.

3rd shelf is 2 pink buckets with Christmas mounted stamps (I still need to stamp and catalog those, think I have way to many Christmas stamps. LOL!) then shoe box with foam stamps, Water color paper, and 2 shoe boxes with Card stock mats. I forget they are there, so never use them, need to just put them in the scrap paper bin. Hmm! that's a good Idea. and will give me more space on the shelf, Must do that.

4th shelf is boxes of adhesive glues, Mod podge, Spray adhesive, Zip dry, you name it. Pink card box is for my daughter Melissa's cards. (yes she is a card maker as well, man is she fast at it, drives me nuts). Then just a 3 drawer storage for my scrap booking software like, digital scrapping (no have not tried it yet, but its there). KNK GE and KNK Maxx software, Picture editing, Card making software, and all my burned CD's to back up all my saved files and Super important stuff like Sandy's Videos. Yes, I back them up, 2 times, once on a "My Book" 500 gig external hard drive, then again on CD. You can see it on the top of the shelf on the left of the pink BIA bag,it looks like a black book. I just did it on Friday, so im good for a while.

The last shelf has just boxes of pictures that need to be scrapped, (I have a hard time with pictures and pages, so there they sit). And the big clear box is a box of stencils from my stencil painting days, Yes, I have done a little of every thing through the years.

On the Right are more storage drawers, I need to rethink this area, as my stuff dont fit there any more.
Drawer 1:Adhesive(all kinds,Glue sticks,Double sided tape,Tape runners,glue dots).

Drawer 2:Embossing powders and Glitters. This drawer is full so I need to separate them now, as I just won like 16 bottles of Embossing powders pretty cheap on ebay this week.

Drawer 3:Chalks (Pebbles, chalk sticks, tiny pompoms and clips)

Drawer 4:Small punches (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 5:Large punches (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 6:Embellishments in packages (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 7:Chipboard (letters, shapes) (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 8:Misc (just that, stuff I don't know where to put it)

Drawer 9: Office Supplies (staples,paper clips, labels, blade cutter, etc.).

Big Drawer 1:Acrylic paints (from my ceramic painting days, I still have some I need to paint)

Big Drawer 2:All my daughters markers and crayons from school, for my Nephews to color with when they come.

Big Drawer 3:Sewing drawer, Yes I sew as well, I make matching bags for all my trimmers and stuff, I need to make a cover for the Groove, I need to sew curtains and cushion covers for the vintage camper soon. In here is every thing that dont fit in the big sewing box.

That's it for this section, Hope you enjoy reading my storage and get some Ideas. If you have any questions or want a better picture. let me know.

Next is paper storage


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