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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cuttle Bug Storage

Here is how I keep all my Cuttle bug Embossing folder, Dies, Sizzlits and Nestabilities for the time being. I have them in one of my PSB's (Paper Sticker Binder). And I use several of the pocket sheets and it works perfect. The PSB is getting heavy so I want to move them to a shoebox or some thing, but I just love the way they are so organized so im having a hard time moving them to some thing else. What do you think of this storage system. Do you have a better solution, I would love to know.

In the first picture I keep the CB plates in the zipper bags in the front, and the metal dies are in the small pocket pages, as you see, they fit perfect. Under that is the sets of 4 small embossing folders. You can see the Sizzlits dies behind those.

In this picture you can see the A2 Card Embossing folder fit nicely in the 4 pocket pages, on the left you can see the Boarder dies fit in the pages with longer sections, (not the border pages)

This is also how I keep my Nestabilities right now, but my new Mega's don't fit in here. So I'm thinking about putting them in my new DVD Boxes with Magnetic tape. And adding them to the shelf with the stamps, this would allow more room in the PSB and not be so heavy.

And this is some thing clever I came up with, I took the pages with the long skinny pockets for paper boarders, Folded it in half to make the center, put in a piece of cardstock, sewed along the seam I folder, then took a knife cutter and make a little pocket flap on the bottom just under the sewed line, took out the paper and now it is perfect for the New Border Embossing folders. I just love this storage system, and not sure I want to move it. But its full, and dont want to have 2 PSB.

If any one has suggestions for a better storage solution on this, Some thing you have tried and works really good, Please let me know.

Hope y'all aren't board with my Scrap space storage. I only have a few Misc pictures left. I will post some crafty stuff hopefully later in the week.

Edited to add link to PSB.



Sherri said...

Forgive my ignorance but what is a PSB? :-)

Sherri said...

I just clicked on the link and now I know. Should have done that in the first place. LOL

Sharon said...

Not a problem, I edited post to add link to a PSB. But the black book in the pictures is the PSB, Paper sticker Binder, just use all the different sheets to fit the CB folders and dies.

I do love this organized storage of these.