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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Easter Flowers

I have been busy working on the camper this week, but I found some time when its dark outside to play with KNK Maxx software. I made this file of some Easter Flowers, I will try and get it cut and on a card in the next few days.

What do you think. I have a purple mat for the back ground of the flowers which are white so they show up better. I also have 3 different kinds and colors of grass.

Please do not copy my files.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

KNK Clowns

I joined a swap on the KNK GE group hosted by Lynn C. This was a challenging swap for sure. One, I'm not a fan of clowns, but the hardest thing was. The rule was, "You could not trace any thing" You had to use the shapes given in KNK GE software.

With these files, simple shapes were used and then manipulated using features like, Convert to polyarc (I just love this feature), Changing nodes from "O" to "+" or the other way around, Dragging lines to make your shape more rounded, adding or reducing nodes, welding shapes and so on. This was a challenge for sure.

Now that the swap is over, I can show you the results of my file. I think they turned out really cute. I love the Hobo Clown.

I used pattern paper for the clothes, I used real buttons on the suspenders, and on the clown with red hair, I used red fun flock on the hair and trim on his clothes, It looks really good in person.

Please don't copy or trace my files.


Monday, February 9, 2009

KNK Valentines Cards

Its been a busy stressful week here, so im a little late posting these. I created the heart mesh, the scalloped hearts, titles and frame with flourish back grounds, As well as the Lacey scalloped heart. The detail on that one is so tiny, and the KNK Groove cut it with no problem. The holes are the size of a paper piercer.

Please do not copy or trace my designs.

Edited to add water marks to pics. Sorry if my comments got deleted, Im not sure how to edit post with out loosing those.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Exciting!

My blog was 2 weeks old yesterday and last nite my hit counter reached 101 visits. 40 of those were just in the past 2 days, since posting all my Scrap booking Organization. I hope y'all finds some things helpful.

And be sure to let me know if you have a better solution, I'm always open to better storage.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cuttle Bug Storage

Here is how I keep all my Cuttle bug Embossing folder, Dies, Sizzlits and Nestabilities for the time being. I have them in one of my PSB's (Paper Sticker Binder). And I use several of the pocket sheets and it works perfect. The PSB is getting heavy so I want to move them to a shoebox or some thing, but I just love the way they are so organized so im having a hard time moving them to some thing else. What do you think of this storage system. Do you have a better solution, I would love to know.

In the first picture I keep the CB plates in the zipper bags in the front, and the metal dies are in the small pocket pages, as you see, they fit perfect. Under that is the sets of 4 small embossing folders. You can see the Sizzlits dies behind those.

In this picture you can see the A2 Card Embossing folder fit nicely in the 4 pocket pages, on the left you can see the Boarder dies fit in the pages with longer sections, (not the border pages)

This is also how I keep my Nestabilities right now, but my new Mega's don't fit in here. So I'm thinking about putting them in my new DVD Boxes with Magnetic tape. And adding them to the shelf with the stamps, this would allow more room in the PSB and not be so heavy.

And this is some thing clever I came up with, I took the pages with the long skinny pockets for paper boarders, Folded it in half to make the center, put in a piece of cardstock, sewed along the seam I folder, then took a knife cutter and make a little pocket flap on the bottom just under the sewed line, took out the paper and now it is perfect for the New Border Embossing folders. I just love this storage system, and not sure I want to move it. But its full, and dont want to have 2 PSB.

If any one has suggestions for a better storage solution on this, Some thing you have tried and works really good, Please let me know.

Hope y'all aren't board with my Scrap space storage. I only have a few Misc pictures left. I will post some crafty stuff hopefully later in the week.

Edited to add link to PSB.


Scarpbooking Wall Storage (Part 2)

This is the other half of the wall. This is where I keep my paper storage, which is a set of wire cubes from Target. This is a couple sets. On the right, I used some of the sides from the cubes and used ty wraps to hold the shelves in place, to use a a paper sorter for my pattern paper.

Above that is all my Joanns Cardstock, on the left is Bazzill, DCWV, 110 weight card stock (Great for stamped images). White binder is for all my Recipe swaps, Black binder if for all my test cut KNK files I make.Under that is all the Page kits and pattern paper by themes. last shelf is page kits, album kits all put together, I just need to work on, but again, I dont do pages, LOL!

Oh, On the very top is the "Scraprack". I like the system myself, I know others that sold it and move the stuff to PSB's. I bought 4 on HSN last year when they were on clearance for $9. Just in case I decided to move it, but nope, I like it for now. I use my PSB for Cuttle bug storage, will post that later.

Next is the big brown double door closet/Pantry (from my old house)It works, for storage of all the other stuff I need to hide. you can see on the top is Magazines and SU cataloges, a whole set of Tombow markers,(I need a better way to store those, Im not liking this thing, all 96 dont fit in the maker holder. Any one have a better soulution, let me know). Right now this is where I keep my Tonic cutter, which I love.

Next shelf is stuff like my Cuttle bug machine, Perfect layers rulers in a bag I made for it, the http://store.scrapbooking-warehouse.com/358373.html, ATG Tape gun, and on other side is Albums and a box that says "Done Layouts Need Pics" Did I mention I have issues with pictures on pages. LOL!

Next is just misc stuff no place for, and other side is all my Daughters Graduation stuff, page kits, already cut files I designed, A started album, I really need to finish.

Last 2 shelves are just for more storage like page keepers, Mason Jars, Empty albums for some day layouts. LOL!

That's if for the other half of the wall.

Next is Cuttle bug storage. Stay tuned!


Scarpbooking Wall Storage

On this wall, I have a shelf I got from a friend. I keep a ton of stuff in here, I put up a curtain rod and a sheet to close it up. I need to put one on the paper rack as well. But I may be moving to my sons room here soon, he is moving next week, but will wait a while. As last time, a week after I moved to his room, he got laid off and moved right back. But any way. on to the shelf.

On the top is the Ribbon jars, then the New Pink Bind it all 2. I bought from Paper threads, it was a great deal. I got it a little less then it is now. On the top is also some of the Journals I have made. Im a Journal making nut, but I don't use them, go figure!

Next shelf is all the wood mounted stamps that "Fit" in these 9 drawers, I just got them stamped and in the binder yesterday so have to make labels for the drawers.

2nd Shelf I have shoe boxes with decorative scissors, way paper crimpers and stuff. 2 ribbbon shoe boxes in Previous post, My Bind it all stuff, for now. the brown basket has all my pearl ex, Embossing tools and heat gun and craft mat.

3rd shelf is 2 pink buckets with Christmas mounted stamps (I still need to stamp and catalog those, think I have way to many Christmas stamps. LOL!) then shoe box with foam stamps, Water color paper, and 2 shoe boxes with Card stock mats. I forget they are there, so never use them, need to just put them in the scrap paper bin. Hmm! that's a good Idea. and will give me more space on the shelf, Must do that.

4th shelf is boxes of adhesive glues, Mod podge, Spray adhesive, Zip dry, you name it. Pink card box is for my daughter Melissa's cards. (yes she is a card maker as well, man is she fast at it, drives me nuts). Then just a 3 drawer storage for my scrap booking software like, digital scrapping (no have not tried it yet, but its there). KNK GE and KNK Maxx software, Picture editing, Card making software, and all my burned CD's to back up all my saved files and Super important stuff like Sandy's Videos. Yes, I back them up, 2 times, once on a "My Book" 500 gig external hard drive, then again on CD. You can see it on the top of the shelf on the left of the pink BIA bag,it looks like a black book. I just did it on Friday, so im good for a while.

The last shelf has just boxes of pictures that need to be scrapped, (I have a hard time with pictures and pages, so there they sit). And the big clear box is a box of stencils from my stencil painting days, Yes, I have done a little of every thing through the years.

On the Right are more storage drawers, I need to rethink this area, as my stuff dont fit there any more.
Drawer 1:Adhesive(all kinds,Glue sticks,Double sided tape,Tape runners,glue dots).

Drawer 2:Embossing powders and Glitters. This drawer is full so I need to separate them now, as I just won like 16 bottles of Embossing powders pretty cheap on ebay this week.

Drawer 3:Chalks (Pebbles, chalk sticks, tiny pompoms and clips)

Drawer 4:Small punches (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 5:Large punches (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 6:Embellishments in packages (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 7:Chipboard (letters, shapes) (Its full, need to move)

Drawer 8:Misc (just that, stuff I don't know where to put it)

Drawer 9: Office Supplies (staples,paper clips, labels, blade cutter, etc.).

Big Drawer 1:Acrylic paints (from my ceramic painting days, I still have some I need to paint)

Big Drawer 2:All my daughters markers and crayons from school, for my Nephews to color with when they come.

Big Drawer 3:Sewing drawer, Yes I sew as well, I make matching bags for all my trimmers and stuff, I need to make a cover for the Groove, I need to sew curtains and cushion covers for the vintage camper soon. In here is every thing that dont fit in the big sewing box.

That's it for this section, Hope you enjoy reading my storage and get some Ideas. If you have any questions or want a better picture. let me know.

Next is paper storage


Stamping Station Organization

Next to the table is my Stamping Station. I have a mixed bunch of shelves in my space so just ignore that, it works for now. In this picture, you see a white shelf with blue bins on the left, I got those blue fold able bins on clearance at Target 2 in a pack for 2.00,so I bought the last 4 pks. LOL! In the top one I have all my precut cardstock for cards, Card envelopes and Card kits. In the Bottom I have all my Water coloring pencil's, water crayons, Prisma color pencils, water pens and stuff like that used to color images.

In the top, that is a tray from my old fridge.(It had a freon leak so we trashed it and I kept the bins, some in my scrap area, some in my work shop for storage, some in the closets.)Any ways, In that drawer I have all the little things like, paint brushes, sponges, Acrylic blocks, stamping pads, any thing small for stamping, Hey it works.

On top is a hanging file folder from Walmart, This is where I keep all my scraps of paper. I use from this first for every thing I make, some of my paper piecing KNK files are done totally with scraps. If you cant tell by now, either I'm really cheap or I like to Reuse every thing, I think its both, LOL!

The black shelf I bought at Biglots for $19.00. I have all my newly organized Unmounted and Mounted sets in this shelf. Looks like I will be needing a bigger shelf soon, What do you think, LOL!.

This is just a close up of the stamps in the new Super Jewel DVD Boxes from Sleeve City.(3rd one down on this page, order a lot, I ordered 50 and used 35. I do love them, and will be storing my Nestabilaties in them next.

This is just a close up of the unmounted clear stamps in the case, Sorry for the bad picture. The clear tranparency with the images on them or just a stamped image is now in a binder for quick referance.

Above the Stamping shelves is my Ink pad holder, A friend bought these off Craigslist pretty cheap, its a Cassette tape holder. I keep my ink pads, reinkers, crackle paint, and paint daubers in here. I only have a few ink pads right now, but I just won 20 Adirondack pads on ebay for about $8. Woo hoo! should be here any day. On the top, the cards on the left are 2 I made. The one in the middle is a Birthday card from a friend Wendy, she cut it on her wishblade and printed the back. The one on the right is a water color Birthday card from my MIL several years back, She is a water color artist and Teacher in San Angelo, TX. I love it so I framed it.


Fiber, Ribbon and Flower Storage

This is how I store my Fiber, Ribbon and Flowers. I bought this handy bag in the Fishing department at Walmart. In it I have 4 container. On the left is my Silent setter and in the pocket on the right, I have my Pink Cropadile. I also have a organizer bin with just flowers, but forgot to take a picture.

This is how I store my Spot Inks, Cat Eye Chalk Inks and Perfect pearls.

In this one, I have all my fiber on Floss Cards, it keeps them nice and neat and easy to find. When I run low on one, I just refill it.

I bought this container at Harbor Freight, It was 2.99 and came with 24 little containers and the case. I store all my brads, Eyelets and Photo corners in here. Each is labeled with color, shape and type (Brad or Eyelet)

This shoe box came from Dollar Tree, I have many of these. I keep all my Ribbon that is longer then 1 yard on these cards. You cant believe how many rolls of Ribbon you can put in one shoe box. I now have 2 completely full. This sits on the white wall shelf.

This is how I keep my Ribbon, Fiber less then 1 yard. Also keep extra flowers in these mason jars on the shelf.

More to come tomorrow.


Scrapbook Organization

Over at "Paper Threads Forum". They are doing a bingo game called "Get Your Life in Order". Its all about what you use to organize your Scrapbooking stuff. So I have posted a few pictures and a few have asked to see more. My Scrap area is in the dinning room, so I have to be organized, actually it's an OCD thing for me. So figured I would post it here. So here we go!

My Dinning room Scrap Space (note the sign on the wall)

I have a bunch of pictures of my area so will post them in several post. I still have some stuff to put away, so dont mind the stuff cluttering the tops of the shelf and drawers. Oh, and the table was cleaned off in the picture for Thanksgiving dinner, its never that clean, LOL!