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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rubber Stamp Storage

Edited to add bigger clear pictures so you can see the labels.

I have spent the past few days organizing all my stamps (Well, still have to do all the wood mounted in drawers and buckets). I could never find what I was looking for and didn't know what I had when I went looking for new ones. So I ordered some really nice Super Jewel DVD Boxes. (Its the 3rd one down on that link page). And they work great, so much better quality then the regular CD cases, I have tried, and these Hold more stamps per case.

So One whole set of Inkadinkado (Im addicted to!)stamps fit in one case. I then used the clear sheet with the image or stamped them on a sheet of paper to put in the binder.

I then made a list in excel, listed all the stamps by category instead of name of set. So there are category's like(Alpha/Number, Baby, Beach,Birthday,Flowers, Christmas. Etc.) Then listed if it was in a CD, DVD, CTMH, See D's or SU. Put all in alphabetical order by category. And gave the Alpha Numeric system of, Lets say you have 4 sets of Alpha/Numbers, the first would be A1, second A2, third A3, and last A4. Then Next category would be Baby B1, Beach C1 and on, when you run out of Alpha for category's, you just double up the alpha so that would be AA1, AA2, etc. This way, you can continue to add sets, in the same category's, and the number can continue for ever.

I printed out the excel sheet, and ran it through the zyron right side down so it was sticky on the front, then cut each strip and attached it to the inside of the cases so they don't rub off, It look nice and organized.

I now know every stamp I have, and will just flip through the binder that is organized by category, look at the letter of the case and know where it is.

All unmounted stamps and sets In DVD cases and Indexed

See D's Stamps in order and indexed

Hope you can see the pictures, If you have any questions or comments please post or email me, I will be happy to help you out.


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Kimberly said...

ok... this is awesome :o) I need you to do mine now LOL :o)